The Canadian Challenge is Canada's premier dog sled race. Yukon Quest & Iditarod qualifier (Est. 1998)


10 DOG RACE - Starts at 12 noon on 22 February 2022
Elk Ridge Start <51m> Weyakwin <26.4m> 969 Wilderness <54m>  La Ronge <50m> Missinipe <50m> La Ronge <50m>  Missinipe <50m> La Ronge Finish
Qualifiers will finish the race and continue to Missinipe, returning once more to finish at La Ronge - an additional 100 miles

Due to trail quality, 10 dog teams will arrive at Weyakwin Checkpoint ‘A’, box their dog teams and transition by vehicle to the 969 Wilderness Checkpoint ‘B’.
There is a mandatory 6 hour stop period for this transition process before continuing the race.

8 DOG RACE - Starts at 1300 on 24 February 2022
La Ronge Start <50m> Missinipe <50m> La Ronge Finish
Mandatory layover at Missinnipe and re-start on the 25 Feb from 1300

6 DOG RACE & 8 DOG RACE RE-START from 12 noon on 25 February 2022
Missinipe Start <50m> La Ronge Finish