The Canadian Challenge will follow the Saskatchewan Goverments Provincial Covid Guidelines... Latest

The Canadian Challenge is Canada's premier dog sled race. Yukon Quest & Iditarod qualifier (Est. 1998)


10 DOG RACE - Starts at 12 noon on 22 February 2022
Elk Ridge Start <51m> Weyakwin <26.4m> 969 Wilderness <54m>  La Ronge <50m> Missinipe <50m> La Ronge <50m>  Missinipe <50m> La Ronge Finish
Qualifiers will finish the race and continue to Missinipe, returning once more to finish at La Ronge - an additional 100 miles

8 DOG RACE - Starts at 1300 on 24 February 2022
La Ronge Start <50m> Missinipe <50m> La Ronge Finish

6 DOG RACE - Starts from 12 noon on 25 February 2022
Missinipe Start <50m> La Ronge Finish

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