Canadian Challenge

Gerry Walker


After a couple of years absence, Gerry Walker is welcomed back to the Challenge with open arms. We've missed the Walker clan at the race, they bring fun, food, and warmth every time they join us. Gerry has raced the Challenge at least 15 times in our history, and has won the race many times before too. He is a very experienced musher competing in Race to the Sky, Percy DeWolfe, Caledonia Classic amongst many others. Gerry is a retired rodeo cowboy and rancher (Gerry's success as a musher follows his success as a Rodeo the April/May 2018 edition of Canadian Cowboy magazine celebrated - great article)
Gerry is a family man, supported by wife Brenda, his children and grandchildren. When not training and running dogs, he loves hunting, fishing and chainsaw carving.

Race: 10 Dog
Home location: Pierceland, Saskatchewan
Occupation: Retired rodeo cowboy, and rancher
Kennel: Smokey Hill Sled Dogs
Interests hobbies: Hunting, fishing, chainsaw carving
Mushing years: 21 years
Mushing experience: Race to the Sky, Percy DeWolfe, Caledonia Classic, Torch River Run, Neckbone 200, Canadian Challenge 15 times