Canadian Challenge

Jerry Joinson


Jerry last won the Challenge in 2019, and has raced with us many times. He has also competed in the Yukon Quest, Eagle Cap and many other races. He says he is 'retired' now, but that seems to mean spending as much time with his dogs as humanly possible. In between being with his dogs he loves fishing, exploring, camping and canoeing.

Race: 10 Dog
Home location: Fort St. James, BC
Occupation: Retired
Kennel: Dog Creek Kennel
Interests hobbies: Fishing, dogs, exploring new places, dogs, camping, dogs, canoeing, trapping pack rats and did I say DOGS!!
Mushing years: Since 1965
Mushing experience: Yukon Quest 6 times, Canadian Challenge multiple times, Eagle Cap Extreme, Percy de Wolfe multiple times, The Underdog and more...

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