Canadian Challenge

Jillian Lawton


Jillian is very much a part of the Challenge family, having run this race over many years. This year she came second in the 8-dog race.
Jillian is a registered nurse in her home town of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. Training and running dogs is a family affair for Jill....her two boys, Lane and Jared help with dog chores and training, she runs the Aurora Grae Kennels with her dad Steve while husband Todd and mum Carol are the best support team around. Away from her dogs (is there such a thing??) Jillian has also been instrumental in establishing hospice care in her community and is highly regarded, loved and respected within her town.

Race: 10 Dog
Home location: Rocky Mountain House, AB
Occupation: Registered nurse
Kennel: Aurora Grae
Interests hobbies: Hiking and backpacking... my 'She Shed'
Mushing years: Many+
Mushing experience: Canadian challenge 6/8/12 dog, Caledonia classic, Eagle cap, Torch river run.

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