Canadian Challenge

Randy Mackenzie


Randy is back, racing in the 200 mile 10-dog race, and we are so pleased that he has picked the Challenge once again. Randy is another very loyal, much loved member of our Challenge family, along with his handling and driving team who support him whenever they can. We're hoping to tempt Randy's wife, Carol, to join us all one year.....though for some reason she says she quite likes warmer vacation spots!
Randy's kennel, Controlled Chaos, combines dog sled racing with animal rescue. Based in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Randy has been racing competitively for nearly 20 years, starting his team with 6 dogs and a vision! He is now also working with border collies, training and competing in agility events.

Race: 10 Dog
Home location: Fort McMurray
Occupation: Owner/operator of boarding kennels
Kennel: Controlled Chaos
Interests hobbies: Dog agility and Mushing
Mushing years: 19+ years
Mushing experience: Canadian Challenge, 3 Forts, Yukon Quest, Grand Forks race, Quesnel 200, Several sprint races.