The Canadian Challenge is Canada's premier dog sled race. Yukon Quest & Iditarod qualifier (Est. 1998)

It is with the deepest regret that we have to announce that our 2021 race will be cancelled.

After our meeting on 20 Dec, the Board of Directors and veterinary team reached the extremely difficult decision to cancel the 2021 Canadian Challenge Sled Dog race.

With the new provincial restrictions in place since 17 December it would have been particularly challenging to fulfil the requirements needed to make the race happen in a totally Covid safe way while following all the restrictions. We wish we could have waited till the next review in January, but we felt that not much is likely to change in the next few weeks. We also wanted to prevent the trail crew from putting in the enormous effort needed to prepare the trail in the coming weeks only to still then have to cancel the race.
The Board felt that the way we'd have to operate the race under current restrictions would require a tremendous amount of vigilance and not reflect the spirit of the race. And, as our Challenge community fully understand, although we run an amazingly competitive race, the social aspect of our event is as important to all of us as the racing itself!

The Board of Directors are responsible for all aspects of the race and cannot safeguard the health of everyone (mushers, handlers, officials, vets, checkpoint staff, trail crew), especially when so many are traveling from out of province, and we also have to consider and respect the wishes of our sponsors.

We have written to all of our registered teams explaining our decision and we hope you can understand and respect this extremely difficult choice.
We extend very warm wishes and thanks to every one who supports and follows our race, and we dearly hope that you will join us at the 25th Canadian Challenge Sled Dog Race in Feb. 2022!

The website will be updated soon to welcome your entry for 2022.