Canadian Challenge

Garrick Schmidt


Garrick has been mushing for 5 years, raced the Challenge twice before. Won vet team Most Improved and Rookie of the year at Challenge in 2023, as well as Red Lantern for the 200-mile race. Loves being outdoors summer and winter, very talented hunter/tanner/sewer, most of all loves being with his four legged family members. Garrick is a land based educator, is based in Moose Mountain, Sask and is an all round great guy. Garrick has featured in a couple of our podcast episodes, you can find them on Mushing Radio.

Race: 10 Dog
Home location: Moose Mountains
Occupation: Land Based Educator, Program Facilitator
Kennel: Eagle Ridge Sled Dog Kennel
Interests hobbies: Canoeing, fishing, hiking, hide tanning, sewing, trapping, hunting, running dogs, spending time with dogs and more dogs!
Spending time with our four legged family members year round, hiking, swimming and camp out trips. Especially during the colder months!
Mushing years: 5 Years
Mushing experience: Sled dog tours with general public and school groups, Canadian Challenge 100 miler 2022, Ministikwan Lake 30 miler, MNS Winter Fest 2022/2023, Canadian Challenge 200 miler 2023

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