Canadian Challenge

Janine Pollock


Race: 6 Dog
Home location: Saint Cloud, FL. US
Occupation: Flight Crew
Kennel: FL8risk Siberians
Interests hobbies: Hiking , Photography , Dogs , Travel
Mushing years: 2+
Mushing experience: I began with one dog canicross in the mountains of Colorado with my first Siberian. That quickly began a two dog endeavour with a scooter. Puppies came and water training began their conditioning. Temps in a southern region, numerous accidents on a scooter with all that power made a decision for myself and my team of friends very clear. Sled and snow was the answer. It's a juggling act for this "Musher Interrupted". This inexperienced beautiful team gives me the best of their ability despite my lack of time devoted to training them. I count the days where this is a full time addiction