Canadian Challenge

Shellie Torok


This will be Shellie's first distance race, how exciting is that? Her kennel is transitioning from Siberians to Alaskans, and she's so excited to see what they can do... and so are we.
Shellie hails from Prince George, BC, and is a nurse, mom to 2 boys, and is a 'pooper scooper extraordinaire' ... as so many of us are.
Shellie has stacks of sprint racing experience, running the Caledonia Classic, the Cariboo Challenge and the Gold Rush Trail Mail Run.
When not scooping poop Shellie loves farming, knitting, baking and spending time with her family and being outdoors.

Race: 8 Dog
Home location: Prince George
Occupation: Nurse, mama of two little boys, pooper scooper extraordinaire
Kennel: Silver Lining Sled Dogs
Interests hobbies: Farming, knitting, reading, baking, exploring the outdoors and spending time with my beautiful kids
Mushing years: 13 Years
Mushing experience: This is my first distance race. We are transitioning from Siberians to Alaskans and are so excited to see what we can do together.
We have mostly ran sprint with Siberians for pure joy.
We've participated in the Cariboo Challenge, Caledonia Classic and Pigeon Lake Sled Dog sprint races, as well as the Gold Rush Trail Sled Dog Mail Run.